The good space counselling offers counselling 


individuals and couples.

Face-to-face and telehealth sessions are available.

Recognised and accredited under the Australian standard's framework Fully insured and registered with the ACA. Police and working with children checks.

The self-care space

In a private space with a massage chair, virtual reality, aromatherapy, calm coloured lights, a weighted blanket, soothing sounds, Himalayan salt lamps and a calming herbal tea, you will have time to relax and unwind.

Book a self-care session, a session that is all about you 

This is not a counselling session; this is a self-care appointment.

 Anxiety  &  stress

Anxiety and stress can keep you awake at night, have your mind in circles of negative thoughts, and manifest in physical ways.

Anxiety and stress are mentally and physically exhausting.It can affect mood, self-esteem, and quality of life.
We work using proven, effective methods that are best suited to you and will alleviate and manage the stress and anxiety that is negatively affecting your life.

Anger Management

Learn to manage your anger and identify the root causes of your anger.
Learn tools and techniques to help with the management of your emotions.
Find peace as you work towards a happy, fulfilling life.
Don't let anger control your life any longer; take back your power and live life on your terms.

Grief & loss

Grief and loss is not just the death of a loved one. It can be the loss of a pet, break up in a relationship—the loss of a job, friendship, or community. 
Grief and loss cause heartache, loss of motivation and emotional outbursts.
Finding your way back to your new normal is a journey of healing and growth. We will help you to navigate your grief and loss and recover from the heartache. 

Relationship/ marriage counselling  

Quality relationship counselling helps you to resolve your relationship problems. 
Counselling sessions are confidential, 
Counsellors trained to help you to resolve painful relationship patterns.
How we see ourselves and our place in the world is relative to our relationships. 
The health of our relationship with ourselves and others directly impacts our emotions and happiness. 
We will help to provide you with the tools to maintain your place within your relationships or help you rebuild from a failed one.

Premarital counselling 

helps improve communication, set realistic expectations and develop conflict-resolution skills. Couples learn to discuss differences and expectations before marriage, allowing you and your partner to better understand and support each other during marriage.

Business or Life counselling /coaching   

Life Coaching If you are finding it hard to find motivation or direction. 
If you want to achieve more at work or in your personal life or find it hard to stick to goals/routines, we can provide tools and motivation to kick-start your engine. 
Business coaching Having built and owned an award-winning business and working as a corporate employee provides me with an understanding of the stress that comes from this industry's hard work and demanding nature.
 We can help you find confidence, manage the stress and help you find the balance that you are seeking.

Previous winner of business awards and other accolades.

Ageing, dementia, and care stress

Aged related stress Transition to assisted livingIn the early stages of dementia, counselling can help clients process their feelings and fears and help the client and their family work toward accepting and adapting to the coming changes.

 Is it Time to make a change?

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same   thinking we used when we created them.”

                         Albert Einstein

It is important to find a counsellor you can 

connect with, feel comfortable with, 

that fit your needs and values.

Put Yourself First and Make A Positive Change! 

Get the Help You Need. 

Private, confidential counselling.

Telehealth sessions are available Australia-wide.

Face-to-face appointments are available in our Newcastle office.

Appointments are available outside of normal operating hours upon request.


 Face to face 

Level 5 office 510, 17 Bolton St Newcastle NSW 2300

Qualified counsellors are recognised and accredited under the Australian standard's framework.

Fully insured and registered with the ACA.