Hypnotherapy & NLP

   Hypnotherapy & NLP

With The good space counselling.

We provide life-affirming Hypnotic experiences that promote change and growth.

The hypnotic state allows an individual to be more open to discussion and suggestion,

Hypnotherapy is an alternative treatment for: 

Phobias, fears & anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, stress, 

post-trauma anxiety, grief, and loss. 

It assists in overcoming bad habits such as:          

Smoking, nail-biting or overeating.

Begin the change you wish to see.

Level 5 0ffice 510. 17 Bolton st Newcastle NSW 

Price list

90- min hypnotherapy session—$185

60- min hypnotherapy session- $165

Kick those bad habits- 3 session program-$465

Body beautiful, gain confidence and healthier habits.- 4 session program- $600

The go getter, set goals, feel confidence, find direction and success- 3 session program -$465

Gift it 90- min hypnotherapy session—$185